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Company ACN/ABN
ACN 005 913 833
ABN 61 005 913 833 
Company Background
Interquartz (A'Asia) Pty Ltd, a privately-owned Australian company, was registered in 1981 and owns the exclusive product rights to all products sold in Australia under the "Interquartz", "IQ" and "IQTEL" brand names.  Interquartz (A'Asia) Pty Ltd has over 5,000 corporate and government customers in Australia, and has sold over one million telephones since the inception of the company.  Further details regarding the company and products can be found at www.interquartz.com.au or www.telephones.com.au

Inherent in the presentation of the products is a meticulous attention to detail and quality gained from over thirty five (35) years involvement in the Australian Telecommunications Industry in the PABX environment, working with business and government.

Active in the telecommunications industry since 1981, Interquartz is now the most experienced independent supplier of analogue telephones and related products in Australia.

Company Focus

•    Core products. Distribution and support of "Interquartz", "IQ" and "IQTEL" branded products

         Analogue desk telephones
         IP telephones (desk and cordless)
         Analogue and IP cordless telephones

•    Non-core products. Authorised distribution/reseller of third party products including:

         EPOS, Jabra and Poly Plantronics headsets
         Gigaset cordless telephones
         Panasonic cordless telephones
         Uniden cordless telephones
         Cordless products from RTX Telecom
         Polycom Audio Conference products
         Industrial ringers and sounders

Mission Statement

To design and manufacture high quality telephone instruments and accessories for the converging business and retail markets.

To develop new and exciting opportunities, wherever they may exist, for the supply and marketing of high quality products supported by a sound knowledge of telephony from the professional business telecommunications field.

Brand Differentiation (core products)

The “IQ” logo and “INTERQUARTZ” brand are both well known in the business telephony environment, and is associated with quality, performance, style, durability and excellent after-sales service – attributes displayed by the products and supported by the company for over three (3) decades.

Australian and International design input (core products)

Branded core products are designed by Interquartz (A'Asia) Pty Ltd and manufactured in Hong Kong and China.

Interquartz branded products are currently marketed in many parts of the globe, and major representation of the products is conducted from the following locations:

•    Australia
•    New Zealand
•    United Kingdom (European and Middle Eastern market)
•    Hong Kong (Asian and Pacific Markets)

Government Supplier expertise, experience and accreditation (core and non-core products)

•    Australian Commonwealth Government

Endorsed supplier under PE45 and PE65 government preferred supplier panel schemes.

•    SA State Government

Interquartz is currently an endorsed supplier.

•    NSW State Government Registered Supplier:  NSW Government ICT Services Scheme

NSW Approvel Supplier
Interquartz has been an endorsed supplier under state contract contract 2360-5 and previous NSW government supply contracts over the past 20 years. Serving the Health sector has been a significant proportion of the overall contract.

•    Queensland State Government

Interquartz is registered as a supplier to the Queensland State Government under the GITC Q-248 Head Agreement.
Accredited by CCIQ QAssure - 11454.

•    Victoria State Government

Interquartz telephones formed part of the successful VOTS tender submission.
Accredited by PICS auditing.
•    NT State Government

Interquartz has previously been a preferred supplier to the NT State Government for the supply of analogue telephones.

•    Tasmania State Government

Interquartz telephones have been selected for use on the Tasinet state government network over more than 15 years.

Research & Development (core products)

Development of our branded core products commences with the long-term gathering of market intelligence to assist in the planning of future generations of product. Specific product requirements are formulated in Australia from the sifted data. Combining market feedback from Australia and other countries, our design team creates export-quality product families for the world market. Final product design evaluation is completed in Australia to meet local market and technical requirements along with all regulatory obligations to the Australian Communications Authority.

Quality Control Policy (core products)

In our production facility a 300% inspection testing scheme, including final post production sampling inspections in accordance with military standard MIL-STD-105 result in every telephone being tested 3 times before packing.  In practice, this high-level attention to manufacturing quality has resulted in a well-established “out-of-box” failure rate of less than 1%!

Environmental Practices (core products)

Interquartz is committed to the reduction of waste products and hazardous wastes. Ozone-depleting chemicals are not used, and no greenhouse gases are produced. Our product packaging consists of plain (unprinted) cartons and boxes, and recyclable plastic bags. The telephone products are constructed with recyclable ABS resin plastic casings, and electronic assemblies from which the heavy metals can largely be recovered with suitable processes.

Online documentation

All products (core and non-core) are illustrated at www.interquartz.com.au and all user manuals are downloadable from the site.

Presence Australia-wide

Interquartz (A'Asia) Pty Ltd has three Australian branches - Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

In addition to our physical presence, we offer:

•    a toll free number (1800 6 IQTEL)
•    a nation-wide courier service and
•    our website at www.interquartz.com.au including an email portal for general enquiries

This enables the company to offer a national sales and service facility to all customers.

National (toll-free in business hours) telephone support for sales, ordering and technical questions

Calls can be made as follows:

•     To our national toll-free number 1800 6 IQTEL (1800 647 835 FREE) between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm Melbourne time.

NSW Government ICT Services Scheme contacts for Sales and Support (ordering and technical)

NSW sales office:
Ph: 02 9875 4011
F: 02 9875 4146

Generic Contact Points
enquiries@interquartz.com.au and sales@interquartz.com.au

All messages will be promptly attended to.
In Summary…
Since 1981, Interquartz has achieved considerable success through the development of a core business derived from the sale and support of a highly respected product range. We have become a trusted name in reliable, high quality telephony products.  As products and technology continue to evolve, we will strive to retain our unique position in the Australian telecommunications industry due to our particular blend of style, performance and quality.

•    Approx 40,000 units of core product (telephones) on warehouse floor most times
•    Over 20 Interquartz brand models in range in addition to third party products
•    Same day order processing (orders received before 1:00 pm)
•    Order by email or fax
•    5,000 corporate and government customers
•    Government endorsements - Federal and State, past and present
•    Sold over one million telephones in Australia since 1981
•    Known for high quality, “bullet proof” products
•    Manufacturing services for telecommunications customers worldwide for Interquartz brand and others
•    Interquartz brand products are marketed internationally
•    Major Nationwide Air Satchel Partner - StarTrack
•    Major National Domestic Road Freight Partner – Direct Freight Express
•    Major International Freight Partner
•    Government “preferred supplier” status at federal and state levels