The EPOS | SENNHEISER 1000761 ATC 02 Training cable 502175 is a Y-training cable that allows two Sennheiser EasyDisconnect headsets to be plugged into the same telephone for training purposes. It has a capability of a mute switch for the trainer and an open microphone and open speaker on both sides.

This training capable is compatible with: SC 230, SC 260, SC 630, SC 660, SH 230, SH 230 IP, SH 250, SH 330, SH 330 IP, SH 335, SH 350, SH 350 IP, CC 510, CC 515, CC 515 IP, CC 520, CC 520 IP, CC 530, CC 540, CC 550, CC 550 IP

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SKU 1000761
Brand Sennheiser/EPOS