Sennheiser Century SC 660 (1000555) Premium Dual-sided Wired Headset, Noise Cancelling Microphone, Leathertte Ear Cush

  • Outstanding sound for perfect speech clarity
  • Enjoy high-quality design and craftsmanship
  • Handle calls seamlessly and conveniently
  • Easy to store and portable
  • Exceptional wearing comfort
  • Ultra noise-cancelling microphone for perfect speech in noisy environments and Active Noise Cancellation for user comfort
  • Extension headband with number indications for accurate adjustment
  • Brushed aluminum and stainless-steel components, Vectran™ reinforced cables and strong, unibody headband
  • EPOS ActiveGard® technology protects users against acoustic injury
  • With a 3-year international warranty

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SKU 1000555
Brand Sennheiser