• Optional Desktop Repeater Station for the XDECT R Series Cordless Phones
  • Uniden Genuine Long Range and Maximum Coverage - Repeater Series Cordless Phones
  • Up to 8x Talking Range – Repeater Station
  • Repeater Station - allows you to Extend the Range and Coverage from the Main Base by Daisy Chaining the signal to each Additional Repeater Station
  • Wall Mountable and Desktop Stand for Repeater Station
  • Ideal for Larger Properties, Multi Levelled Houses, Farms, Warehouses and Anyone Wanting a Long Range Phone (works in conjunction with the XDECT R055 and XDECT R035 Series Phones)
  • Wireless (WiFi) Network Friendly
  • This product is an Optional Repeater Station to enable you to expand and enjoy all the features of your Uniden XDECT R Series Cordless Phones
  • *The Repeater Station must be wall mounted to be splashproof. Splashproof is defined as meeting the world standard JIS4 level. Being defined as having no harmful influence by receiving a splash of water from any direction. Please note the Cordless Phone Handset in NOT Splashproof.

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Brand Uniden