The IQ333EHS analogue (POTS) telephone offers Electronic Hookswitch (EHS) integration to suit most previous and all current and most previous models of Poly PlantronicsTM professional DECT wireless headsets*. 
*The EHS feature eliminates the need for a mechanical handset lifter: pressing the "Call" button on your headset prompts the telephone to answer the call automatically.
The PlantronicsTM On Line Indicator (OLI) is also supported by connecting the PlantronicsTM OLI to the dedicated OLI port (pictured below) on the side of the IQ333EHS. Suitable for large and small including enterprises, home workers and SMEs.
Supplied with an EHS cable (pictured below), this product is ready to connect to all DECT wireless Poly PlantronicsTM headsets* that are equipped with a 3.5mm lifter port.
  • Integrated Electronic Hook Switch (suits all DECT wireless Poly PlantronicsTM headsets*)
  • Handsfree Speakerphone with Push Button Volume Control
  • 10 Memory Keys (battery-free permanent storage)
  • Memory protection switch to allow pre-programming of memories
  • Built-in headset socket to suit a wide range Of headset types
  • Headset volume control
  • Mute key and indicator - for privacy on both Handset, Handsfree and Headset mics
  • Headset Microphone level adjustment to suit all Headset types so both high gain and low gain Headset mics 
    can be used
  • Headset Cable Polarity Switch to suit both common ("normal" and "reversed") Headset plug wiring modes
  • Mid-call mode support (change between Headset, Handsfree and Handset during a call in any order)
  • "Silent Ringing" feature for Headset users allows the ringing to be heard in the Headset only (keeps call 
    centre noise levels down by eliminating the sound of ringing during incoming calls)
  • Supports Poly PlantronicsTM DECT wireless headset models through EHS control cable connection via a dedicated EHS port
  • IQ333EHS OLI port (adjacent to the EHS port) supports Poly PlantronicsTM On-Line Indicator Light and provides 
    visual indication when the telephone is in use. 
  • Compatible with telephone (POTS) port on NBN modem

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Brand Interquartz