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With premium audio performance and powerful wireless reach, your journey towards wireless freedom starts here. Keep desks tidy with a streamlined design ideal for hotdesking when agents need plug and play functionality at every workstation. Prioritize the customer experience with EPOS Voice™ technology that zooms in on the agent’s voice. The resulting crisp, clear calls, help them solve issues quickly and calmly throughout their working day.
In today’s digital world, companies are more exposed than ever to hostile online threats. When it comes to the security of your data, protected pairing and DECT security certification guarantees no third parties are listening in on your call. With its flexible wearing style for 100% focus and single connectivity to PC, the IMPACT D Series makes high quality wireless DECT headsets accessible to all.
Key benefits & features

Ensure premium audio for clear calls
With EPOS VoiceTM technology and noise-cancelling microphone for natural, clear conversations
Move freely with powerful wireless reach
Up to 55 m/180 ft in typical offices, up to 180 m/590 ftline of sight, and up to 12 hours talk time
Connect simply to one device
Plug-and-play with single-connectivity to either deskphone or PC/softphone
Choose your wearing style
With comfortable headsets to suit your personal preference; headband, ear hook or optional neckband
Easy magnetic docking and charging
Dock the headset to the magnetic charge interface and be sure it’s charged and ready to go for your next call


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SKU 1000993
Brand Sennheiser/EPOS